Fear Of Failing The Bar Exam?

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Bar Prep Process

Recognize and release your underlying exam fears and train and strengthen your mental and emotional skills. 

Turn Fear into Fuel

Learn a 4-Step process for turning the fear circuits of your brain off and the genius part of your brain on. 

Retrain your Brain

Instantly boost your confidence and learn how to prime your brain and get in the right mindset for the Bar Exam.

Meet Your Coach

Leila Nosrat, Esq. – Attorney in CA and MA, Mindset Coach, Academic Success Strategist, & Bar Exam Expert. 

Leila applies scientifically-proven methods and technologies to help students expand their mental and emotional power, accelerate their learning, and enhance their performance to reach their fullest potential. 

"I passed on my third attempt and am eternally grateful to Leila for her support! From Leila, I learned how to be patient, confident, and calm both when preparing for the bar and on the day of. She made sure to check in and to instill confidence in her students."

Poojah Shah
New York

"If you are having trouble getting over your fears and doubts of failing the bar exam, I highly recommend you contact Leila Nosrat for your bar prep. "

David J.

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