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Meet Leila Nosrat, Esq.

Bar Exam Mindset Coach - Attorney

My work (and this site) is devoted to helping you crush the Bar Exam with ease and confidence. Over the past few years, I've helped hundreds of students from around the world prepare for and pass the Bar Exam.

As an experienced Bar Exam Mindset Coach, I'm equipped with advanced, proven process and frameworks to accelerate your learning, enhance your memory, optimize your performance, and get your mindset and skillset ready for a peak performance on the Bar Exam. 

I've passed the California and Massachusetts Bar Exams on my first try because of great mentors who gave me the best methods for studying and the motivation to push through my limitations and challenges.

I created this platform because I know from personal experience that having the right mentors, coaches, and teachers make all the difference in how you prepare for, and whether or not you ultimately pass the Bar Exam.

I know that if I can pass the Bar Exam, you can pass too!

Regardless of your past performance or academic history. Even if you didn't go to law school in the U.S. or English is not your first language.

If you're ready to take your learning and life to the next level of success, I'm here to show you how.  



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Students Who Crushed The Bar Exam

Read Reviews from Past Students and Industry Experts

"I passed on my third attempt and am eternally grateful to Leila for her support! From Leila, I learned how to be patient, confident, and calm both when preparing for the bar and on the day of. She made sure to check in and to instill confidence in her students."

Poojah Shah
New York

"With Leila's help I was able to pass the CA bar exam after trying 3 times in the past. She gave me the best methods for memorizing the law and writing essays. She also kept me motivated and confident. I couldn't have passed without her help. "

Anna R.

"No one understands the psychology of bar exam success better than Leila. She knows her stuff. She checked in on me daily and made sure I stayed on track. I passed on my first try. "

D. A.

"So glad to see there is a company out there that is looking at how to study for the Bar Exam through a different lens. It is sorely needed in a world that is dominated by big name Bar Prep companies that put students farther in debt. Commercial Bar Prep companies just throw loads of information at you and hope you figure it out. The trick is figuring what to do with that information. Anyone taking the Bar should look into this program. "

Philip Mauriello, Jr.

"Leila's unique approach is what helped me pass the second time. I enrolled in a commercial bar prep course the first time I took the exam but failed. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do every day and always felt behind. The second time, I didn't enroll in a bar prep course and only booked 5 sessions with Leila. The very first time we talked, she devised a perfect action plan for me and the other times we worked on execution and my mindset. I highly recommend Leila and her approach over any other tutor or bar review program. "



All BPM Coaching & Training Programs involve powerful, proven, science & research-backed process and curriculum to move you to your next level of success.


Every coaching session has an outcome that is moving you towards success on the Bar Exam, regardless of your current academic standing or past performance. 


Each session also has a training component, where we teach you a new habit, tool, concept or framework that furthers your education and growth in that area.

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